Exilon is an ecosystem that combines NFT, AR technologies, DeFi marketplace and GameFi.
It uses new format of transparent contract that is firstly introduced to DeFi market.

It does not matter what country a person lives in and what is the local currency, EXL token is blurring the boundaries allowing to buy a product or service anywhere in the world within the company's ecosystem. Now there is nothing between you and the service.

There is no race or religion.

Exilon Team

Exilon — creates a game based on blockchain technology.

You can gather your friends, form a team, fight other participants or teams, and earn money using only your skills. The gameplay is built on a combination of your personal skills and teamwork. Experience a wide variety of game modes: MOBA and Battle Royale, with monthly updates and attractive rewards.

Problems & Solution

High Ethernet Fees
& Slow Transactions

Solution: using Binance Smart Chain (independent blockchain). The main advantages of the network are fast transactions and reduced fees, as well as access to dApps, which are gaining popularity and are in demand among users.

Difficulties in Blockchains Switching

Solution: 90% of all cryptocurrencies do not have the ability to switch between blockchains, and our challenge is to create a cross-chain platform and bridge so that the majority can participate in the Exilon ecosystem.

Fake Admins & Scammers

Solution: it was a matter of reputation for us to show our reliability, transparency and openness. So we sent our contract for an Audit. Also all of our project team members are officially presented on the website with their links to social networks and emails.


Solution: “Progressive Decentralization,” the project shifts from a developer-driven to a self-regulated system. This means that as long as your cryptocurrency is in your cryptocurrency wallet, no one can accidentally “freeze” it. Also, no one can make a decision to suspend you from your own account.


Solution: our EXL token is a smart contract, there is no more need to resort to a third party, such as a lawyer or notary, which, in addition to possible errors, incurs significant costs. Blockchain is able to protect information in an encrypted network that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so speed and security are obvious.

Poor Involvement

Solution: it does not matter what country a person lives in and what is the local currency, EXL token is blurring the boundaries allowing to buy a product or service anywhere in the world within the company’s ecosystem. Now there is nothing between you and the service. There is no race or religion.

Exilon Mission

Erasing borders. Token EXL has no limits.

Create an accesible digital space for all age categories and spheres of life, wherein any market participant uses a single token as a full-fledged payment instrument.

Exilon Ecosystem

Token EXL

EXILON (EXL) is a DeFi Token.

DeFi is an alternative to traditional financial institutions controlled by legal entities. It provides full autonomy and takes the industry to a brand new level.

Protocols allow to trade cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges (Uniswap), lend (Compound), manage monetary policyand issue stablecoins (MakerDAO), rebalance assets (TokenSets), create derivatives (UMA), insure risks (Nexus Mutual) and generally do everything that traditional financial institutions do but without third parties.

ICO is held to raise investments & DeFi provides all other functions of traditional markets.

Road Map



— Website launch
— Testing smart contracts (audit)
— Launch on PancakeSwap
— Whitepaper
— Configure social media
— Marketing campaign
— Listing on Coinmarketcap
— Listing on Coingecko
— Reach the capitalization of
$10 000 000
— Get 10 000 holders


— Listing on BlockFolio
— Marketing campaign
— New partnership
— The launch of a marketplace
— The launch of a NFTboxes platform
— Translate the site
into different languages
— Integration with bloggers
from the CIS and worldwide
— Reach the capitalization of
$30 000 000
— Get 20 000 holders


— The launch of contests
— Release MMORPG online game with EXL payment system
— Interviews with leaders and holders
— Official registration of a company in the international zone
— Marketing campaign
— Reach the capitalization of
$50 000 000
— Get 30 000 holders


— Release co-branded cards
— Release crypto exchangers
— Rebrand the official website
— Development of a domain
decentralized exchange
— Marketing campaign
— Reach the capitalization of
$100 000 000
— Get 50 000 holders


Initial Supply
5'000'000'000'000 EXL
COMMISSIONS for selling tokens

12% standard commission for selling tokens

How the fee is allocated


8% for Liquidity. The rest of the percentage goes to add liquidity to the pair.


2% going for EXILON project development.

Transfer commission

Transfer commission between accounts
(not buying or selling)
$1 in EXL token
Commissions for Buy Tokens

12% standard commission for buying tokens


1% of the commission is burned until 60% of tokens are burned. Once the burning ends, the percentage will be allocated to liquidity.


1% is distributed between users.

Liquidity & Exchange

Marketing & Community


Game Development



Human Resource

You can trust us and join in. Let's make decentralization available to everyone together!

Attention! Team tokens are locked for 12 months from the date of placement. After that, the unlocking of team tokens will be 10% per month.

One of the advantages of the EXL token is the low transaction cost due to proper Gas optimization.


What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for “Decentralized Finance”. In contrast to CeFi (Centralized Finance) that is our current monetary system, DeFi gives a user access to decentralized financial services via smart contracts on the blockchain.

What are the main goals and ambitions of the project?

Create an accessible digital space for people of all age categories and in each spheres of life, where any market participant uses a single token as a full-fledged payment instrument.

Exilon Ecosystem

Our ecosystem includes many features that make our community wealthy, joyful and keep us together as a team!

Our tokenomics: total emission of 5,000,000,000,000 EXL tokens. When transfer the commission is 12%, 8% of which goes to the liquidity pool, 2% goes on project development, 1% is burned automatically and the remaining 1% is distributed to all holders. If you hold EXL (tokens) you get more and more of it.

I need help.

If you have any trouble or question join our Discord or Telegram chanel, write #help and our community will be happy to help you!

You also find here a full list of guides.

Where can I chat and meet the other members of the community?

Join our Telegram where you can get to know the rest of the community!

🔸Telegram-channel: https://t.me/exilon_official
🔸Telegram-chat: https://t.me/exilon_global
🔸Discord: https://discord.gg/mV3dAh6G24
🔸Twitter: https://twitter.com/exilon_official
🔸 Medium: https://medium.com/@exilon_official

🔸 Our website: https://exilon.io/

How can I contribute to EXILON (EXL)?

Anyone can contribute to EXILON (EXL).
Some popular ways to contribute:

Creating guides for new players, community members-holders.
Creating EXILON fan art.
Creating tools to help everyone in the community understand the project and be more effective.
Launching an EXILON Youtube channel or podcast.
Streaming EXILON.
Telling your friends about EXILON.

What exchanges will list EXL and what are the future listings plans?

We are currently listed on PancakeSwap. We have offers from centralized exchanges, but we are not going to list there because our mission is to decentralize the market.

Does EXILON have plans to market and attract influencers? Do you have the resources to do so?

Yes, EXL has a large marketing offers that are piling up in the marketing purse. We already have many influencers on board and we will be doing aggressive marketing through Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, major media, giveaways and soon we present the billboards in major cities around the world.

How can I buy EXL?

EXILON is a BEP20 token. You can buy it on PancakeSwap. Please set the slippage to 12-15%.

Erasing borders. Token EXL has no limits.

Exilon combines the DeFi market and online games using a new format of smart contract
(transparent contract) that is presented for the first time on the DeFi market.



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